5 Steps to Self Care During Quarantine

5 Steps to Self Care During Quarantine

Surviving - and Thriving - in Quarantine

“Surviving not Thriving” - the latest buzz phrase being thrown about.  The last 2 months have been like no others.  They’ve reminded me some of what it was like to have a newborn, rarely leaving the house, but this time I have 5 kids.  They still get angry when they’re hungry, leave little messes everywhere, but now they talk back - which can be good and not as good.

Admittedly, my days home have been all over the board.  One day feeling accomplished; the next, never quite determining if it was Tuesday or Wednesday and if it even mattered anyway.  Needless to say, we need to be gentle with ourselves and know time will soon resume a new normal.  Until then, here are a few of my favorite tips for keeping your head above water.

When You Look Good, You Feel Good

This doesn’t mean cocktail dress, but I do find that getting up and getting ready like I would for any other day makes me feel more productive and, honestly - all around better.  Am I going out?  No.  Expecting anyone?  I wish.  But this has always been one of my mottos: “look good, feel good, do good.”  When I get up, work out, and get ready as if it were a normal “pre-quarantine” day, I am far more motivated and productive than if I get up and head straight for the sofa.  There is nothing wrong with lounge days either, but decide how many days per week you want to get missions accomplished, and how many are best suited for recovery.  We are all in a different place.

PS: As only the universe could execute, as I was about to publish this blog, I received a newsletter from one of my favorite v/bloggers/influencers - headline: “Should you wear makeup during quarantine?”  Check it out. @jaceyduprie 


No brainer.  I’ll admit, the first few days of quarantine I had great intentions but was thrown off kilter.  My schedule was wonky, I did not have classes and teachers to hold me to the same level of accountability, the treadmill… eh.  But seriously, if you can get this done - and I am a pro-morning exerciser - you are so ahead of the game.  It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something consistently.

  • Find your groove - whatever it is.  
    • Walk/run outside or on the treadmill.  Even in the depths of the Midwest the weather is beautiful.  No more excuses.
  • The amount of Livestream exercise classes is astounding.
    • The ingenuity small business owners needed to put this into action - on the spot - is incredible.  What a way to support local business while continuing your cross fit, Yoga, guided meditation
    • Try a class from a different city or state since everyone is offering online classes now.  One of my local teachers is getting students from Europe!
    • My girls have been doing classes with me and have been able to count them for their PE classes.  
  • Try something new, especially if it’s offered online or Livestream
    • No one can see you!  Who cares?  Try it.  
  • You cannot say you don’t have time.
  • Just do it.
  • No one ever said “I wish I would not have worked out today.”  Not ever.

If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me

We cannot control what happens in the world (ie coronovirus), but we can control our reactions and responses.  The virus itself is no one’s fault, so we should not be wasting energy throwing blame.  But we can manage how we keep ourselves and families safe, help others, and do our part to contribute to the greater good.  

  • Follow the guidelines set in place by the experts.  Stay home when advised; wear PPE; practice proper handwashing and social distancing.

Make Your Bed

I can thank my mother and grandmother for this one.  Since as early as I can remember, one of my “jobs” was to make my bed everyday.  I’ve honestly never thought twice about it, until I started making my kids do it.  Of the 5, 2 are as consistent and precise about corner tucking as a military nurse.  Of the other three, 2 are hit or miss and the last is a solid no.  

Years ago I started reading quotes at the dinner table.  I thought maybe pouring inspirational prose down their throats would somehow manifest in their subconscious.  One of the quotes was “Five things successful people do everyday.”  The first one was: make your bed.  The premise: If you start your day immediately accomplishing a task, you are already on your way to a successful day.  Plus, your room looks better.

Make your bed.

Follow a Regular Schedule - and ABHYANGA

I’ve said this before, “When you feel good, you do good.”  One of the first steps of feeling good is having regular digestion.  To have regular digestion it’s best if you follow a regular schedule.  This means:

  • Eat at the same time every day, for each meal
  • Go to bed and wake up at relatively the same time everyday
  • Drink enough water
  • Do not eat after 6-7pm, or so
  • Have a light meal for dinner - this makes evening digestion easier and enhances deep sleep.  Try and have your heavier meal at lunch, if possible - perhaps that’s easier now while you’re home.  Did you know “supper” is actually derived from the word “soup”?  Meaning having soup or a liquid meal at night is best for digestion and health.
  • Practice Abhyanga massage at least 1-3 times per week
    • Abhyanga is the practice of moving stagnant lymph fluid into circulation
    • Lymph fluid contains wastes and toxins, as well as other nutritive and disease fighting components
    • When the wastes are released into circulation (via massage or Abhyanga), it allows the body (liver, kidneys) to properly metabolize and excrete the wastes.  When wastes are eliminated and with regular Abhyanga, you feel:
      • Fewer headaches
      • Less joint pain
      • Less moody, more stable
      • More alert, less sluggish
      • Less fatigue, better rested
      • More calm, less stressed
      • Skin is supple, hydrated, and nourished

Maybe some of these ideas can be worked into your schedule.  The overall message is to try and incorporate some consistency, set goals (albeit even small ones), allow for down time (this is not a race or competition), and trust your gut.  Do you.

“Everything is right for someone, nothing is right for everyone, and Ayurveda is the path of finding what is right for you.” - Sebastian Pole

Be Real,


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