The benefits of Jojoba Oil

The benefits of Jojoba Oil

Long used by Native Americans for skin healing benefits, Jojoba oil comes from mature seeds of the Jojoba plant which are found in the Southeastern United States and Mexico.

Jojoba Oil (which by definition is actually a wax, not an oil) is exceptionally unique in that it is hailed by those with dry skin as well as those with acne.  Emollient components penetrate the outer layer of the skin making it softer, more pliable, and less likely to crack when stretched.  It also creates a layer of protection against wind and sun, both of which cause water to evaporate from the surface of the skin, lending way to dryness and photo-aging (sunspots, fine lines).

When jojoba oil is applied to the skin, it mixes with the skin’s natural oil (sebum).  The skin perceives jojoba oil as its own sebum and begins to downregulate its own production of sebum leading to less oily skin.

The swift absorption properties of Jojoba Oil are much like that of our own sebum, making this a favored oil to use on the skin and hair.  The natural abundance of phospholipids and Vitamin E promote a glowing complexion without a heavy feel.

Jojoba oil is pacifying to all Doshas, meaning everyone can use it.  It helps restore and bring back balance to skin and hair of all types.

Skin benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Non comedogenic - won’t clog pores or cause acne
  • Improves moisture retention, flexibility, and repair of skin
  • Is non-occulsive - allows skin to “breath”
  • Feels light, almost dry, due to superior ability to penetrate skin
  • Excellent emollient

Hair benefits:

  • Alleviates effects of psoriasis on scalp
  • Penetrates through hair follicles without blocking them - this helps loosen excess scalp oil and buildup which can then be washed away.

Find Jojoba Oil in the following Jivana Products:

  • Kapha Face Oil
  • Pitta Oil-to-Milk Cleanser
  • Wonder Balm

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