We Are Real

We are Real.

We are moms and wives, sisters and friends, corporate types and homemakers. We are educated and wise, and though we strive for a simple life, it is far from it.

We run, do yoga, and even tried Crossfit. We do the things that we need to, and sometimes even like it, but can’t fit it in every day. Even if we could, would we want to?  Life is busy, and when taking those days off from exercising, we can high-five ourselves without inhibition or shame.

We eat right and try to feed our families well: kale and coconut oil, carb-smart and heart-healthy. We do our best, sneaking beans into brownies, spinach into spaghetti. We do love a latte, and is a Shiraz a sin? We don’t think so.

We’ve learned over the years that people will come and go, but those who face the crowds of adversity to defend their beliefs, their friends, and their family—those are our people. We’ve witnessed taking the trek up the social status ladder as not a venture worth taking, and that an intimate, cohesive inner circle is far more valuable than a broad network of social climbers. We’ve moved on.

While we know extremes are easy and being overbooked is glorified—we are not that. We think downtime is more important than spinning wheels; we choose humility over superiority and recognition. We would rather build longer tables than higher fences. We want the greater good.

Above all else, what we really crave is balance. Netflix binges versus nights out; family trips with toddlers and Tuscan tête-à-têtes with our partner. We desire good—but real—food; great friends without crazy expectations; quality products without having to second-guess ingredients; beauty over labels.

In an age where keeping up is a sport, extremes are celebrated but happiness is still elusive—find your balance.

Be Real.

Love Jivana: Honest Beauty. Essential Living.