Skin Balancing Treatment Oils for Face

Vata: A few drops in the morning and/or evening after cleansing is all you need of this quenching mix.  Warm, nourishing sesame, argan, and avocado oils deeply penetrate all layers of the skin leaving them better fed than passengers on a cruise ship.
Pitta: A gentle base including sunflower and jojoba oils calm and sooth Pitta's inflammatory and reactive-prone skin.  The essential oil blend also acts synergistically to comfort Pitta's fiery tendencies.  Angry, red or irritated skin will have to find somewhere else to cause trouble because the big guns just moved in.  (FYI - this formula most closely resembles the one created for VeganCuts). 

Kapha: Keep your naturally moist skin in check while still feeding it the good stuff.  Breakouts stay far away with the addition of warming and drying herbs which also deter bacteria. Invigorating essential oils balance the kapha spirit. Hole. In. One.
Vegan Sulfate Free Paraben Free


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