Nourishing Cream for Face

This heavy cream is rich and decadent. Despite the density, it sinks into your skin like butter. Grounding and nourishing herbs and essential oils help balance the mind and body of the whimsical Vata Dosha.
Pitta: Fiery pitta skin can take heart when this super cooling cream comes to it’s rescue. Soothing chamomile, calendula, and rose calm irritated skin. A sandalwood blend of essential oils also help restore harmony in the mind.
Kapha: Even oily skin benefits from some extra TLC at times. This cream provides light, silky coverage that melts into your skin like a cloud without clogging your pores or making you feel greasy. Bergamot and coriander help restore the kapha mind and body.
Vegan Sulfate Free Paraben Free


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