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NCC Board Certified Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner
NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
Completed 4000 Hours of Supervised Training to book
Meet Tracy
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I've never had terrible skin but I definitely had bouts of acne throughout my life and have figured out for the most part what causes it.  

Most acne is dietary related and is a sign of inflammation but other factors can come into play too!  I made the switch to natural beauty care almost a year and a half ago now and I continue to look for new products that reduce my chemical and estrogen exposure.  

I've tried A LOT of products and found a few I liked here and there but none of them really knocked my socks off, until I found Jivana!  

I first heard about Jivana through my winter Mantrabox from Candace at YogaByCandace.  That box contained a Rose Clay Mask that I instantly fell in love with.  I reached out to Tracy the owner of the company Jivana to learn more about her products and Ayurvedic assessment and we've stayed in touch since.

Rebecca, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

I began using Jivana skincare a few months ago, and I love it!

I worked with Tracy to develop a skincare routine, and she recommended the products for me to use.  I had breakouts between my eyebrows that I just couldn’t get to heal.  I am a faithful face washer and take care of my skin, but the products I was using were not cleansing and compatible with my Pitta skin.

Within a week the blemishes were healing, and I now have perfectly clear skin that is soft and full of vibrancy once again!

I love all of the products that I have tried so far. -


Tracy has an amazing gift and I am so thankful that she shares her knowledge and talents with our community. Not only does she offer Ayurveda consultations and services but she makes her own skincare products. Her products are unlike anything I’ve tried before and they work…Period.  

I have been fortunate to know Tracy for many years and have watched her passion for helping others grow as she constantly finds ways to help better people’s lives. She has a medical background but I think she has found her calling in Ayurveda.

After I recently had my Ayurvedic consultation series with Tracy, I now truly understand how fascinating this system is, as I physically and mentally feel the benefits.


These Ayurvedic products are great start and finish for deep facial cleansing.  I've done mechanical expression on my friend who has very problematic and unclean skin.  I started with cleaning the surface of her skin with facial polish to remove all dead cells.  It smells very specific and natural.  After her skin was very hydrated, fresh, and ready for next step - steam treatment.  When pores were clean, Rose Clay Mask was used to detox and for even deeper skin cleansing.  It is made with three types of clay and it instantly dries at the areas on the face which are most unclean.  I've mixed it with Aloe Rose Tonic to homogenous mixture and I saw that this was terrific combination.  After removing the mask, the result was fantastic.  My friend was fascinated because her skin was so soft, clean, and without any inflammatory processes.

Lana, Medical Cosmetologist


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