The Power of Skincare Actives + Ayurvedic Botanicals

Founded by nurse and Ayurvedic practitioner, Tracy Adkins, our integrated formulations harness the power of Ayurvedic botanicals with skincare actives to help you rebalance skin health and inner wellbeing.

Our mission is to help you understand yourself better through Ayurvedic principles and provide you with tailored support to restore balance for mind, body and skin.  


Discover Your Dosha

The first step on your Ayurvedic journey is to understand your Dosha. Our quiz will provide you with your unique Dosha profile of Prakruti (Dosha you’re born with) and Vikruti (current Dosha state). You will receive tailored skincare recommendations and Ayurvedic practices to help you identify and treat imbalances to restore healthier skin and overall well being.