You are Pitta

Explore the best daily practices and products to help you rebalance your Pitta Dosha energy and skin imbalances.



As a Pitta, you are composed largely of fire, and are a force to be reckoned with.  If there is a job - or 100 jobs - to be done, we will call you.  You are focused, driven, competitive, organized and a natural problem solver. 

You are governed by the Pitta qualities of FIRE and WATER. The excess heat you harbor can lead to redness and inflammation, indigestion, and anger. Being active helps you burn off steam and creates a hearty appetite.  If given a choice, you’d rather revel in a snow bank than swelter in the sun. You like to keep cool and carry on. 

Signs of imbalance: heartburn / indigestion / diarrhea or loose stools / multiple daily bowel movements / acne / rosacea / eczema / skin redness or irritation / heavy periods / eye related issues / feelings of judgement / tendency to feel anger / feeling angry or irritable when hungry


Rebalance Your Pitta

Cool and calm exercises will help rebalance your Pitta. We recommend swimming, winter sports or a walk in nature (preferably somewhere with shade or by a lake/the beach). Practice slow sun and moon salutations in your yoga with twists and inversions.

Reach for cooling, calming and soothing skincare formulations designed to treat Pitta skin imbalances such as irritation, redness and flare-ups of rosacea or eczema.

Choose cooling breathing exercises and meditations that will release heat and calm you. We recommend Sitali Breath for 1-2 minutes a day to refresh and promote mental stillness.

Incorporate cool, refreshing foods into your diet like cucumber, watermelon, avocado, coconut and kale. Avoid too much caffeine and spicy foods. Choose cool or cold showers during the summer.