You are Kapha

Explore the best daily practices and products to help you rebalance your Kapha Dosha energy and skin imbalances.


Water & Earth

As a Kapha, you are unshakeable, steady, and stable both physically and mentally.  It’s hard to rattle you, but once you are triggered, it takes some work to recenter. You would much prefer a relaxing day with cookies over a hike in the woods since you are drawn to stability and a state of rest. 

You are governed by the Kapha qualities of WATER and EARTH. You have naturally glowing and radiant skin. While the rest of us adore your thick, gorgeous hair and luminous skin, you wish you didn’t put on weight so easily and didn’t have a tendency to get acne breakouts. Kapha translates as “that which sticks” - you are the glue that holds people together. Everyone loves you because of your dependability, loyalty, and protective nature. 

Signs of imbalance: water retention (swelling in legs) / congestion in sinuses or lungs / bloating / nausea or heaviness after eating / sweet cravings / overeating / cystic acne / weight gain / slow metabolism / sluggishness


Rebalance Your Kapha

High energy exercise will help rebalance your Kapha. We recommend HIIT, spin or anything that's going to break a sweat. A morning energising yoga flow with sun salutations, inversions and ujjayi breathing is ideal.

Reach for rebalancing, soothing and decongesting skincare formulations to treat Kapha skin's tendencies to oilier and break-out prone complexions.

Choose energising breathing exercises that will build heat. We recommend Bhastrika Pranayama (deep belly breathing) or Kapalabhati as an afternoon pick me up to combat congestion or low energy.

Incorporate dry, astringent and bitter foods into your diet like leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, beans and invigorating herbs. Early dinners are ideal.