You are Vata

Explore the best daily practices and products to help you rebalance your Vata Dosha energy and skin imbalances.


Air & Ether

As a Vata, you are cheery, whimsical and enthusiastic. You are known for your creative spirit and delicate nature. Like a hummingbird, you are a constant whir of activity but can be forgetful, anxious and have trouble sleeping.

Everything you do is with speed and zest until you abruptly fizzle out. It can be hard for others to keep up with your wavering thoughts, but it’s also what contributes to your flair of thinking outside the box. You are governed by the Vata qualities of AIR and ETHER. This can be reflected through dry skin, small features, slender/thin frame and erratic appetite.

Signs of Vata Imbalance: headaches / dry skin + hair / brittle nails / constant fatigue / insomnia / frequent illness / joint pain / constipation / aversion to loud noises / intolerance to cold


Rebalance Your Vata

Grounding practices will rebalance your Vata. We recommend restorative, low impact exercise such as yoga, strength training (focused on form not reps) and walking or swimming. Yin yoga, and long Savasanas should be your go-to when you’re feeling out of balance.

Choose nourishing and replenishing skincare formulations to rebalance Vata's dry and dehydrated skin tendencies.

As a Vata, it can be tricky to calm and center yourself. We recommend daily meditation to ground and de-stress alongside the Pranayama Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) and Yoga Nidra for a better, regular sleep schedule.

Incorporate warm, heavy foods into your diet like sweet potato, soft fruits, rice and cooked vegetables. Practice frequent dry brushing followed by a warming abhyanga self massage.