The Doshas Explained

Whenever people talk about Ayurveda you’ll always hear them mention the Doshas. These are the three main energy types defined as: VATTA, PITTA and KAPHA. Although we have some of each Dosha in us, most people have one Dosha that is dominant - or sometimes two Doshas that are equally dominant.

Ayurveda teaches us that to achieve an ideal balance of health you need to understand 2 things about yourself:

Your Prakriti Dosha Profile - a combination of the 2 doshas that define the mental and physical characteristics with which you were born. This is your baseline and doesn’t change.

Your Vikruti Dosha Profile - defines your current doshic state. This changes based on internal and external factors in your daily life from diet and movement to emotions related to work/relationships/family etc.

The goal is to keep your Vikruti as close to your Prakriti as possible. Therefore, in order to begin your ayurvedic journey, it is essential you know your Prakriti so you can identify and treat imbalances in your daily life. To treat imbalances we adopt lifestyle changes that will either increase or decrease Doshic qualities (aka the 20 Gunas).

Discover your Prakriti and Vikruti Dosha profile and our recommended next steps to create balance and achieve mind, body and spirit equilibrium.