Glowing Skincare Routine

When balanced, all skin is smooth, unblemished, rosy, radiant, firm, and elastic.
When unbalanced skin can appear dull, sallow, ruddy, blemished, dry, pale, and puffy. This can be due to many factors such as stress, poor skincare habits, environmental exposure, and having an imbalanced Dosha.
An imbalanced Dosha can result in the decline of proper skin functions such as cell growth turnover, circulation, collagen, elastin production, and immune and enzyme activity. These all contribute to the natural glow of one’s complexion.
A proper skincare routine must assist in, at least:
  • Exfoliation of dead skin cells
  • Provide antioxidants for cellular rejuvenation
  • Penetrating moisture and nutrients to replenish all seven layers of skin tissue
  • Epidermal stimulation for cell growth and rejuvenation
Your routine must not disrupt any of your other body systems, since an imbalance elsewhere will upset the mind-body-skin equilibrium.
The air and ether elements that make up the Vata Dosha give rise to the cool, light, and dry qualities that form the skin (as well as the rest of the mind and body).
When out of balance, Vata skin can become very dry, rough, and flakey; show signs of premature aging such as dark spots and/or fine lines, and hair can become scant and dry and brittle. Getting back on track doesn’t have to be an arduous process.
The cornerstone to any good Ayurvedic skin care regimen can be achieved in three easy steps.


The first step to brighter skin is to remove the top layer of dull, dead skin cells, toxins, and pollutants. Using a deeply hydrating and nourishing cleanser, such as a cleansing balm, add ½ -1 tsp baking soda or fine pure cane sugar and mix in your palm. This creates a DIY face scrub (don’t use this if you have open sores or cystic acne).
Gently massage into your face in circular motions as you would any cleanser. Wash off with warm water and washcloth. Use a scrub 1-2 times a week, not every day.


After cleansing and preferably while skin is still slightly damp, apply a few drops of face oil. Warm the oil in your hands first by rubbing your hands together then applying in outward and upward strokes to the entire face. Pay particular attention to the undereye area, around the lips, and decolletage, where skin tends to be thinner and more prone to fine lines and photoaging.
Many products are too large on a molecular level to penetrate the skin at the cellular level and end up sitting on top of the skin, leaving a film and the active ingredients behind.
A proper facial product consists of minute substances and active botanical ingredients which are able to permeate all layers of the skin where real transformation occurs.


After the nourishing facial oil, use a cream in a base of natural oils and butters, infused with herbs and essential oils. As the energetics of the essential oils and herbs reach the basement membrane of the skin, they can restore the body’s innate intelligence.

Get Glowing

Revealing your best skin doesn’t have to be an act of congress, even though it looks like a full-time job. A few simple - yet consistent - steps with the right products and ingredients can help unveil your natural beauty. And don’t forget the power and importance of your diet. Your complexion is a reflection of the quality of what you put in your body and the strength of your digestion.
It’s been said the skin is like the second brain; who said it can’t be model-worthy?
Shine on.

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