Yoga at Your Desk

Whether it’s another zoom meeting or logging on to a virtual class, endless hours spent slouched over a keyboard or sitting at your desk can cause strain and pain in your body over time.  Taking 5-10 minutes every now and then for a few stretches at your desk will have you feeling refreshed and loosened up in no time.

Neck Stretch

yoga at your desk neck stretch

Hang on to your chair with your left hand for support.  Drop your right ear to your right shoulder.  With your right hand gently pull your head more toward your right shoulder.  Repeat on the other side.

Seated Forward Fold

seated forward fold yoga at your desk

Sitting in your chair, bend forward at the waist.  Clasp hands behind back and reach overhead finding a stretch through the front of the shoulders.

Seated Pigeon

seated pigeon pose yoga at your desk

Start with both feet flat on the floor.  Put one ankle on the top of the opposite knee.  Bend forward over your legs maintaining a long spine until you feel your desired sensation in the hamstring of the lifted leg.  Repeat on the other side.


seated cat cow yoga pose at your desk

Place your hands on your knees and lift your chest towards the ceiling on an inhale.  Next on an exhale, bring your chin to your chest while curving your spine towards the back of the chair.  Repeat several times.

Wrist Flexion/Extension

wrist stretch yoga at your desk

Place palms on your desk with fingers pointing towards you; gently lean back until you feel a good stretch in the back of the wrist.  Next, bend at the wrists with fingers pointing towards you but with palms facing up.  This will give you a stretch in the front of your wrist.  These exercises are good for people who type a lot.

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