Yoga for Pitta Dosha

Pitta consists of sharp, hot, dry, mobile, and light qualities.  If you are primarily Pitta or are experiencing an exacerbation of Pitta, try easing up on the depth of your poses and/or intensity of your practice. Consider these guidelines:

  1. Stay cool. Wear light clothes and practice in the morning or evening. Heated classrooms are not your BFF.
  2. Yoga is not a competition – work at 70-80% of your maximum effort.  If your objective is health and balance, yet you still want to do the most advanced pose, that is your ego talking. Rethink your motivation.
  3. Keep your eyes closed or focus lightly on a drishti. Draw your attention inward; Yoga is an internal practice.
  4. Poses such as Chair, Parsvokonasana (Side Angle Pose), Standing Forward Fold, and Parsvokonasana pacify Pitta
  5. Concentrate on your breath: deep inhale and exhale. Focusing on your breath helps control and calm your mind, reduces internal body heat, and draws attention inward.
  6. Avoid being critical of yourself or others.
  7. Sitali Pranayama helps reduce body temperature.
  8. Remind yourself that you are benefiting from a slower pace!

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