FREE 7 Day Ayurveda Reset Programme

To start 2021, we’ve put together a 7-day programme that takes you on a journey through ayurveda and small daily rituals you can adopt for this year. Whether you’re a beginner or need a refresh, each day this week we talked through the basics from Pranayama breathing to mindfulness and food.

Our aim: to help you rebalance your mind, body and soul for the year ahead.

And don’t forget, this 7-day programme is something you can come back to at any time to reset and ground yourself. I really hope you enjoy it!

 Tracy x

DAY 1 :Morning Yoga Flow - Join me in a full body scan and 10-minute morning yoga stretch to slowly wake up our bodies and prepare for the day ahead. 

DAY 2: The Six Tastes of Ayurveda - An important element of Ayurveda is focused on the food you choose to eat. Each taste is associated with a specific Dosha, that can balance or aggravate it. 

DAY 3: An introduction to Prāṇāyāma - *And breathe* Join me for this introduction to ayurvedic breathwork. And keep an eye out for further videos in this series.

DAY 4: Ayurveda Beauty Routine - There’s no time like the present to start creating new rituals and habits to build your skin wellness. This is my head-to-toe ayurvedic routine from dry brushing to my scalp and hair care ritual. 

DAY 5: Balancing Your Ojas - Want an extra dose of energy, patience, and resilience? In Ayurveda, we believe that balancing your Ojas (digestion) is a great way to protect your mental and physical strength. 

DAY 6: Restorative Yin Yoga Session - Yoga mats and blankets at the ready! As we approach Kapha season, I am here to share with you some restorative stretches to help you unwind after a long day. 

DAY 7: Mindfulness - Did you know that there are three different aspects of mindfulness that work together to establish a current “state of being”?