Fascinated since her tween years by all things skin- and beauty-related, Tracy spent not only her time–but most of her allowance–at the drugstore. Her grandmother, a prominent and influential figure in her childhood, also introduced her to a cornucopia of home remedies for everything from split ends to brittle nails, many of which Tracy still uses for her own five daughters today.  

When Tracy’s youngest child experienced bouts of severely-irritated skin as a baby, she decided to concoct her own remedy. Despite her background as a Nurse Practitioner, her years of study in Ayurveda prompted her to take a more holistic path. Friends became interested in the kitchen experiments she began crafting from herbs and oils, based on the principles of Eastern medicine and fused with the ingredient standards and aesthetic savvy, health conscious women in Western cultures are searching for. Before long, a skincare company was born.  Originally created with her children in mind, this high standard is what drives the quality and integrity that still goes into every bottle.

One Stop Wonder Balm was first developed for one-year-old Phoebe’s delicate skin, but is now enjoyed by people of all ages. It is used for everything from removing eye makeup, to soothing dry cuticles, to taming tangled tresses.  

Tracy's Routine

  • One Stop <br>Wonder Balm

    Step 1:

    One Stop
    Wonder Balm

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  • Vata Cleansing <br>Balm

    Step 2:

    Vata Cleansing

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  • Vata or Pitta<br>Treatment Oil

    Step 3:

    Vata or Pitta
    Treatment Oil

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  • Vata or Pitta<br>Nourishing Cream

    Step 4:

    Vata or Pitta
    Nourishing Cream

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  • Vata Abhyanga Oil

    Step 5:

    Vata Abhyanga Oil

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  • Hair Treatment Oil

    Step 6:

    Hair Treatment Oil

    As a Vata, Tracy is prone to dry skin and hair. She uses the Love Jivana hair oil 1-3 times/week to keep her hair soft, manageable, and healthy.

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